Go ahead and ask me any questions – I’m here to help. But you just might find what you are looking for here….

How long will the ceremony last?

Most wedding/civil ceremonies last between 20 and 30 minutes. Signing paperwork can take an additional 5 to 10 minutes. It is best to make sure that the ceremony content takes longer than the signing – it is your vows that your guests have come to witness; don’t let them be over too quickly.

Does it matter how many attendants we have?

You can have as many – or as few. Big or small, it’s your wedding day, so let’s make it as beautiful as we possibly can. 
Some of the most memorable weddings I have been a part of have been 10 people at less. 
And… indeed, we cannot do much during Covid. Be warm, be memorable, be your day, will do! 

Our parents and relatives don’t speak English, what you could do for us?

No worries, that’s why you’ve me be your celebrant. I can perform the ceremony in Cantonese and Mandarin, or I’ll practise any language you give me …as long as you give it to me in phonetics and coach me a bit. I have lots of lovely ideas to make your parents, grandparents, relatives and guests feel more welcome. 

Does the bride have to be given away?

No. The traditional giving away of the bride by her father is still extremely popular, but if it doesn’t suit you, there’s no need to do it.
Alternatively, there are lots of variations to choose from (like the bride and groom walk-in together; bride’s parents or grandparents).
Ultimately, you can ignore this, walk in by yourself if you feel comfortable). 

What time will you be there?

I will be onsite no less than 20 minutes before the scheduled ceremony time. 

What if the bride is late?

Please try to keep to the agreed time for the ceremony commencement. Your guests will appreciate it if you are on time. 

We want you, but we are on a really, really tight budget.

It’s ok, I am always here to help. Talk to me. I’d like you to get what you want. I’m really nice and I can help. 

What if you are sick on the day?

If I am very, very sick, and really serious, I will get you someone else. No worries, great networks mean I have a few celebrants back me ups. For anything else, I will be there for you. I have NEVER double-booked, got too sick to show up or let anyone down. NEVER, and I promise you won’t be my first. 

Do I need a contingency plan?

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, you will need to have alternative arrangements or adequate shelter – in case of rain. The weather is the one thing about your big day that you can’t control – but you can manage it. Think about shade, shelter and if necessary, an alternative venue. Talk to me if you need advice. 

Can we play music during the ceremony?

This is your marriage ceremony and all about the two of you. It will be a personal expression of your love, and personalities. You can play music before and after the ceremony.
However, it is better not to play background music while we are speaking – it makes it much more difficult to hear and can be distracting for your guests.